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Effective systems for TSS removal

Looking for effective systems for TSS removal?Learn how to reduce total suspended solids in wastewater and discover which system fits best.

Why removal of suspended solids is needed

Many wastewater streams contain suspended solids. Sewage treatment removes suspended solids, as these can cause problems in wastewater treatment systems, disposal is not allowed, or because they can block up pipeworks and sewers. Furthermore, effective TSS removal is an important step to purify water sufficiently for reuse, thereby lowering the requirement for fresh water.

How to reduce total suspended solids in wastewater?

TSS refers to the solids suspended in water that are not soluble in water. TSS removal is the process of physically removing these particles. Common methods for solids removal from wastewater include sedimentation (allowing particles to settle using gravity), flotation (using air bubbles to lift particles to the surface), filtration (using filters to physically remove particles), and centrifugation (using centrifugal force to separate particles from water).

The best systems for TSS removal

Paques offers three technologies for TSS removal in wastewater, process water, cooling water, surface water and groundwater:

  • ASTRASAND®: Choose for high-efficiency, continuous filtration, especially when a biological component is beneficial.
  • ASTRASEPARATOR®: Optimal for high flow rates and the rapid removal of larger, denser particles; excellent for preliminary treatments.

ASTRASAND® for solids removal from wastewater

ASTRASAND® is particularly suitable for continuous and efficient removal of fine particles. This method for TSS removal is ideal in scenarios where biological as well as physical filtration adds value. Such as in tertiary treatment stages that require high-quality effluent.

ASTRASAND® operates continuously, ensuring consistent treatment with a manageable and predictable load on the system. It's effective in environments where both organic and inorganic solids need to be removed. The sand filter provides a habitat for microbial growth, which can further assist in biologically degrading any remaining organic matter.


ASTRASEPARATOR® is well-suited for applications requiring rapid removal of sand, grit, and larger particles from stormwater, surface water, and wastewater. It is beneficial in preliminary treatment steps or in situations where water with heavy particulate loads needs pre-treatment before further processing.


At Paques, we believe in a cleaner, more sustainable world where innovation in biotechnology plays a crucial role in managing our planet's resources wisely.

If you have any questions or wish to explore what Paques technologies can do for your operations, we encourage you to connect with our team of experts. Our knowledgeable professionals are ready to assist you, offering insights and guidance tailored to your specific needs.

Leading the biotech revolution in wastewater and biogas

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