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CIRCOX® Compact aerobic granular sludge process

The CIRCOX® bioreactor is a compact aerobic treatment system for anaerobic effluents. It uses aerobic granular sludge for efficient BOD removal. This compact, full-enclosed aerobic treatment system has outstanding purification performance, as the purified effluent can be directly discharged to surface water.

Advantages of CIRCOX®

  • High rate removal of organic compounds (COD/BOD), and sulfides
  • Compact design due to its shape and high capacity
  • Contained bioreactor with odorless off-gas and effluent
  • Low biological sludge production

Suitability and feasibility

CIRCOX technology offers it’s advantages especially where treatment of anaerobic effluent is needed. It is very suitable for aerobic polishing of anaerobic effluent in urban areas because the bioreactors require little space, whilst the technology has a high volumetric conversion rate.

How aerobic treatment system CIRCOX® works

CIRCOX® uses activated granular sludge to convert the organic components from the wastewater. Due to the compact nature of the granules, high concentrations of biomass can be maintained in the reactor. This results in a compact design in combination with a high treatment performance.

The activated granular sludge is growing by applying the correct process conditions, in combination with Paques patented granular sludge separator. The separator ensures superior biomass retention while the treated effluent flows through on a continuous basis. Continuous aeration ensures that the pollutants are oxidized while the activated granular sludge is kept in suspension. CIRCOX® is often combined with Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) to obtain a high quality effluent for final discharge.


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Leading the biotech revolution in wastewater and biogas

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