Anaerobic Granular Sludge


Paques supplies highly active biomass for several technologies. Whether you need a major quantity for a reactor (re)start-up or only small supplies on a regular base, Paques delivers high quality biomass with short delivery times.

We support your reactor conversion capacity by the following services:

  1. Supply of ANAEROBIC GRANULAR biocatalyst
  2. Supply of THIOPAQ biocatalyst
  3. Supply of ANAMMOX biocatalyst
  4. Classification of biocatalyst by laboratory analyses and tests

Paques has a vast network of qualified biomass suppliers and logistics firms in most parts of the world. Consequently we have access to major quantities of excess biomass, mostly originating from well-performing Paques reactors. This enables us to supply any demand for biomass, small or large, with efficient transport, good quality biomass and on short term.

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Biocatalyst quick supply service

“Reliable granular biocatalyst for your anaerobic reactor”

New anaerobic plants start by addition of methanogenic active granular biocatalyst, which is harvested from source reactors.

Well engineered and good performing existing reactors often have a net biocatalyst growth. However, there are conditions that can lead to loss or degeneration of sludge. Also malfunctions can lead to decreasing biomass contents. Under these circumstances topping up, re-seeding or even complete renewal of the biocatalyst might be necessary. The high quality granular biocatalyst supply service of Paques can help you to solve these situations.

Paques biocatalyst supplies are optimised by years of experience. More and more companies with an anaerobic WWT contact Paques if they are in need for extra granular biocatalyst.

THIOPAQ® sulphur-generating biocatalyst

The functioning of the powerful THIOPAQ® installation is based on both the reactor and the biological process. For a balanced and smooth start-up of the reactor, Paques offers THIOPAQ® Start-up Biocatalyst. This thick, yellow liquid is a suspension of high active bacterial strains (Thiobacilli, selected from THIOPAQ® systems, which oxidize hydrogen sulphide to biological sulphur granules) and several stabilizing additives.

Paques supplies THIOPAQ® biocatalyst worldwide, in IBC containers or as truck loads.

ANAMMOX® granulated biocatalyst

Paques has the exclusive right on all excess biocatalyst from ANAMMOX® installations world-wide. This enables us to supply biocatalyst for your installation, as long as biocatalyst is available and the transport will not take longer than a few days.

The key to a well functioning ANAMMOX® process is a healthy granulated AMX-rich biocatalyst. Both Paques reactors and operational conditions are fully focused on obtaining this compact kind of microbial community. These reactors enable us to provide customers highly active and well-settling ANAMMOX® granules.

Paques supplies ANAMMOX® biocatalyst in IBC containers or as truck loads. If necessary the biocatalyst will be prepared for surviving a shipment of several days.

Laboratory analyses and tests

“Our dedicated laboratory staff has been trained to handle your samples quickly and with accuracy.”

The Paques laboratory are used for internal R&D, but the facilities are also available to generating and analysing detailed information about your treatment process.

We can provide you with information based on the following tests:

  • Microscopic characterisation
  • Methanogenic activity tests
  • Sulfidogenic activity tests
  • De-ammonification activity tests
  • Aerobic activity tests
  • Toxicity assays
  • Biodegradability assays
  • (Heavy) metals contents analyses
  • Surfactants, flocculants or fat detection
  • Biogas composition analyses
  • Long-term laboratory bench tests

These specialist analyses are necessary if you need to qualify your reactor biocatalyst, if you want assess process additives or additional waste water streams or if you suspect contaminants negatively influence your WWT-results.

More information

Please contact our service department.

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+1 (781) 365-1178


At Paques, we believe in a cleaner, more sustainable world where innovation in biotechnology plays a crucial role in managing our planet's resources wisely.

If you have any questions or wish to explore what Paques technologies can do for your operations, we encourage you to connect with our team of experts. Our knowledgeable professionals are ready to assist you, offering insights and guidance tailored to your specific needs.

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