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Biogas desulfurization with THIOPAQ® at Cocal Energia in Brazil

THIOPAQ is a high-efficiency (bio)gas desulfurization solution for sugar and ethanol industries.

Enhancing renewable energy production

As the demand for energy continues to grow, the need for viable renewable energy sources becomes increasingly essential. Sugar and ethanol plants have been contributing to bioelectricity production for decades. At the Cocal Narandiba unit in Brazil, a system was implemented to generate electricity and biomethane from the biodigestion of sugar cane processing waste, such as vinasse and filter cake.

Facts and figures


  • Sulfur load - 123 kgSº/d
    up to 2,125 KgSº/d
  • Biogas flow - 5.200 Nm³/h

Biogas H2S Plant Effluent

  • Inlet - 12,000 ppmV
  • Outlet - less than 80 ppmV

The Paques solution

THIOPAQ® deep desulfurization system

The THIOPAQ® deep desulfurization system plays a crucial role in this process by removing H₂S from the generated biogas, making the gas suitable for use. This system accommodates a wide range of KgSº/day, effectively managing the significant variations in flow and load throughout the season and off-season.

Economic and environmental benefits

The compact THIOPAQ® process offers significant economic advantages through the biological alkalinity recovery of the wash solution. This feature provides cost benefits when compared to conventional biogas scrubbers. Additionally, the system enables the separation and concentration of sulfur, which can be repurposed as a component in fertilizers for sugarcane plantations.

The Paques Biotechnology contribution to the diversification of local energy supply

Thanks to THIOPAQ®, Cocal established the first independent biomethane distribution grid system in Brazil. This project supplies renewable biomethane to the municipalities of Presidente Prudente, Narandiba, and Pirapozinho in São Paulo's interior.

The Cocal / Geo Biogas & tech. solution:

  • Innovative energy production:
    The Narandiba unit's biogas plant is the first in Brazil with an independent biomethane gas pipeline, developed in collaboration between Cocal and Geo Biogas & Tech.
  • Capacity and contribution:
    The unit boasts an installed capacity of 5 MW of electrical energy and an additional 25,000 Nm³/day of biomethane.
  • Renewable energy distribution:
    All electrical energy is exported, contributing to the diversification of Brazil's energy matrix, while the biomethane supports industrial customers in the region with renewable energy.
Through the integration of the Paques THIOPAQ® deep desulfurization system, Cocal Narandiba not only advances sustainable practices but also strengthens the local and national renewable energy infrastructure.

Explore the groundbreaking THIOPAQ® solution implemented at the Cocal Narandiba Unit in Brazil. THIOPAQ®

This brochure provides an in-depth look at how our advanced H₂S desulfurization technology enhances biogas production, delivering significant economic and environmental benefits. Download now to discover how this innovative system supports sustainable energy and contributes to the local renewable energy infrastructure.

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