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Strategic wastewater pre-treatment at the Paulaner brewerey

Maximising sustainable effluent treatment by means of combined anaerobic and aerobic technologies with limited available plant space.

Striving for cost savings and sustainable practices

Paulaner, Bavaria's largest brewery established in 1634, is renowned for producing high-quality beers like Paulaner Weißbier, Premium Pils, Original Münchener, and Salvator, with an annual output of about 2.7 million hectoliters. As the market leader in wheat beer, they maintain exceptional quality using the best available techniques.

Facing financial pressures from high pollution charges, Paulaner decided to pre-treat their wastewater before discharging it into the city sewer, saving costs and promoting sustainability. Located in Munich near residential areas, the wastewater treatment installation had to meet stringent design requirements. Limited space and strict regulations on noise and odor emissions underscored Paulaner's commitment to community welfare and environmental responsibility.

Facts and figures


  • 2.7 million hectoliters of beer/year
  • Temperature between 28 - 38 °C
  • PH level between 2 - 12


  • Wastewater flow 2,400 m3/day
  • Processing COD load of 20,000 kg/day
  • T-COD is 5,000 mg/litre
  • T-BOD is 3,350 mg/litre

The Paques solution

Efficient water and wastewater management is crucial in the beer industry due to rising operational costs. Proactive strategies not only reduce expenses but also enhance sustainability.

At Paques, we offer on-site wastewater treatment as a strategic solution for breweries, lowering discharge and energy costs. Our anaerobic systems convert organic waste into biogas, providing cost reduction and energy generation.

We design flexible and robust solutions to handle variability in wastewater flow and composition during brewing. Our approach combines anaerobic, aerobic, and bio-membrane technologies, adapting to fluctuating conditions without compromising efficiency.

With over 200 installations worldwide, including an expansion project at Paulaner using our BIOPAQ®IC and CIRCOX® reactors, we demonstrate our expertise and commitment to innovation.

Combined Paques technologies helped Paulaner to:

  • Reduce discharge costs and comply with environment regulations
  • Reduce energy costs by generating renewable energy from wastewater
  • Enable recycling of process and non-process water (such as water for steam boilers)
  • Reduce water consumption

Paques Biotechnologies lead to enhanced efficiency and environmental stewardship at Paulaner brewery

At Paulaner brewery, Paques' innovative BIOPAQ®IC and CIRCOX® technologies are transforming sustainability and efficiency in wastewater management and energy production.

The BIOPAQ®IC anaerobic reactor converts organic wastewater components into biogas with 85% methane, meeting up to 20% of the brewery’s natural gas needs and reducing reliance on conventional gas. This integration showcases Paques' commitment to innovative energy solutions and sustainable brewing practices.

The CIRCOX® aerobic reactor enhances environmental stewardship by oxidizing hydrogen sulphide and breaking down contaminants, allowing safe wastewater discharge. Its enclosed design prevents emissions, noise, and odour pollution, making it ideal for urban settings like Munich.

These technologies support Paulaner brewery’s operational efficiency and environmental goals, setting a standard for sustainability in brewing.

Situated downtown Munich, just about 20 meters from the next urban area, Paques built a highly efficient installation on a very small footprint. We don’t cause odour emission in the neighborhood although we purify both anaerobically as well as aerobically up to 20 tons of COD per day. Our biogas output is excellent, reaching a CH4 value of 80 to 85 percent."

Dr. Ing. Johannes Fischer, Operational/Environment Manager of Paulaner


The Paulaner Brewery.

Discover how Paulaner Brewery is leading the way in sustainable brewing with Paques' groundbreaking technologies. Download our document to explore the impact of the BIOPAQ®IC anaerobic reactor, which converts wastewater into biogas, covering 20% of the brewery's natural gas needs with 85% methane. Learn about the CIRCOX® aerobic reactor, which ensures clean wastewater discharge with zero emissions, noise, or odour pollution.

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